Riverside House

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RIVER HOUSE, west of Wimberley, Texas

My clients have owned this narrow, multi-level, difficult access site along the Blanco River west of Wimberley, Texas since 1975. They camped in a tent trailer on weekends for decades, dreaming of building a home that compliments and works with the site rather than against it.

After much thought and research, they determined the features and materials they would like to build with. The seminal book on planning, “A Pattern Language” was consulted extensively to develop the program for the building. The difficulty of the site was a significant challenge. The site has three distinct levels: a flat area on top adjacent to the road, a middle level 40 feet below and a lower level that provides a cypress-shaded park-like area adjacent to the river. The middle level is where we chose to site the house.

Detailed Project Information