Ranch House 2

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RANCH HOUSE 2, near Cross Plains, Texas

The Owner’s life-long dream of retiring to a ranch in Texas came true.
A 300 acre working ranch with a 10 acre lake was purchased south-east of Abilene.

Now, we just need a house.

The perfect site was selected to take in the views of the ranch and private lake to the west. A circular site plan design allows for a variety of outdoor zones: entrance garden, pool, private master suite screen porch / bath garden, and terraced vegetable gardens. The plan for the house is designed for casual ranch living. The main entrance is actually an open-air breezeway which can be enclosed in the winter by sliding wall. During the warmer months it leads you directly to the large screened porches that all of the main areas open onto. The master suite is a separate zone from the main living areas. The guest bedrrom wing is privately located on the north side, yet still has direct access to the pool area. The screen porches feature sliding screen walls that can be opened or closed depending on how bad the bugs are.

This home is constructed of insulated concrete walls, standard wood and heavy steel framing. Since the ranch is located in Tornado Alley, and has seen many tornadoes, the master closet is surrounded by concrete walls and ceiling to create a storm shelter.

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